Tree Cutting

Tree cutting can be a difficult job in the hands of an untrained professional or amateur, especially trees that are close to your property.  Batey and Martin Tree Service team has the expertise to trim out dangerous branches and remove any tree from seemingly inaccessible or delicate places. Our tree specialists will discuss with you the safety technique for cutting your tree and give you a free estimate.

Here are a few reasons to trim a tree:We provide professional tree cutting services in Murfreesboro, TN.

  • Not enough sunlight on your yard
  • Not enough sunlight on your pool and the pool water is too cold
  • Your car’s paint is being damaged by acorn or pine sap falling on it
  • Branches are overhanging your house or other structure
  • You get poor reception for your satellite dish
  • Do you have a tree that you want trimmed, cut down or removed from your property? Our specialists will be happy to walk your property and talk to you about our tree cutting service. They never try to force you into removing a tree. In some cases it only needs to have the branches trimmed back to keep it healthy.

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Our tree cutting services include the removal of broken, diseased or dead branches on mature and young trees alike, for the trees protection. This prevents decay-producing fungi from infecting and penetrating other areasWhen you need tree cutting services, call us. of your tree. Tree cutting is occasionally necessary to allow increased circulation of air and exposure to sunlight within the canopy. Tree cutting can protect against danger of falling limbs and storm damage. This is particularly a concern for trees along driveways, pedestrian paths and surrounding buildings.

Increase your landscapes value and enhance its beauty with  Batey and Martin Tree Service. We create visual access to valleys, lakes or other views, while maintaining privacy where desired. Each of  Batey and Martin Tree Service employees has been trained in proper tree cutting, tree trimming and tree removal techniques. The cutting service is done in a way that meets the industry standards. We serve property owners in the Murfreesboro, TN area, with professional tree maintenance services for both commercial and residential clients.

To find out how  Batey and Martin Tree Service can safely carry out tree removal on your property,

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